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Ocean Drive Magazine- April 2016 Edition

"Green, Silver & Gold 

Energy-Efficent, Eco-Friendly Building is Miami's New Luxury Standard."

- Marcelle Sussman Fischler, Ocean Drive Magazine

Florida Design's Miami Home & Decor Magazine- Spring/ Summer 2016 Volume 12-1

"Turning Green Into Gold


By Prioritizing Sustainability, Durability And Safety, And Allowing The Resultant Architectural Form To Be Celebrated...The Outcome Was A Purity Of Design Not Compromised”

- Katherine West, Florida Design Magazine

Pinecrest Sun Magazine- September 2016

"Pinecrest Sustainable Building Program

The home boasts near-net zero energy consumption, proving it is possible to live a luxurious lifestyle in a large house that produces a small carbon footprint.”

- Editor of Pinecrest Sun Magazine

Florida Design Magazine- 2015 Volume 24-4

"Turning Green Into Gold

Built With Eco-Friendly Materials And Efficently Designed For A Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle. This Modern House Is Proof That You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Style And Luxury To Build An Environmentally Conscious Home”

- Kim Mosley, Editor of Florida Design Magazine

Pinecrest Magazine- March 2015 Edition

"We felt an imperative to walk the talk,” says David. “So many architects and designers preach about sustainability, but they themselves don’t follow their own example. We decided to take a leadership role for the good of the broader society, too.”

- Ivette Figueroa, Village Life Department

Florida Caribbean Architect Magazine - Winter 2015 Edition

"A key to the philosophy behind the design of the house was the decision to allocate the same construction cost for a home of similar size in the area, but to create a design driven by functionality.  By prioritizing sustainability, durability and safety while allowing the resultant architectural form to be celebrated, the purity of design uncompromised.”

- Diane D. Greer, Editor of Florida/Caribbean Architect 


Pinecrest Tribune - Apr. 21-May 4, 2014 Edition

"The first  green home built as part of the Pinecrest's Sustainable Building Program, is a modern wonder of energy efficency and resiliant design."

- Jesse Scheckner, Pinecrest Tribune

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