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The home responds to the path of the sun, applying architectural details and active systems to limit heat gain from the humid and hot climate of South Florida. The home employs stratgically placed windows that are Lo-E coated, motorized window shades, High-Volume Low-Speed fans, climate controlled automated 5-zone A/C system, deep porches and cross-ventilation cooling.


The layout of the home correlates to the sun in such that the occupant is not primarily located in programmitc zones that are affected during the active solar impact times of day.

The house is separated into three programmatic zones: Bedrooms; Great Room; and Family Living. 


Tripartite massing and spatial sequence provide for an unfolding experience.  Solid walls transition into a concrete and glass grid when approaching the front door. Upon entry, the space opens vertically and directs attention toward the rear, where the Great Room extends onto the pool deck.

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