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The South Florida site is located in the Village of Pinecrest, and was chosen due to its close proximity to urban Miami, low density, natural landscape, access to some of the area’s best schools and its family friendly environment.


Located adjacent to Biscayne Bay (which is accessed by a bike path at the rear of the property), the site also borders a public park and nature preserve. Immersed in the region’s unique natural qualities, the home endeavors not to disturb the natural environment, but to connect visually and experientially by creating a protected indoor-outdoor living environment.  The nature preserve is home to Florida alligators, American crocodiles, peacocks, parrots, and mangroves.


The site context is rooted in a rich local History relating to the early inhabitants that shaped the region, including Indian settlements. The site was once along the northern edge of the historic World War I Chapman Field Airship base. Care was taken in excavating the site in case any historic artifacts were discovered.


WELL Building Standards of fitness and mind are also supported within the site’s context through the opportunities of interaction with exercise amenities.  Bike trails, running paths, baseball fields, children’s playgrounds, exercise circuits and waterways for kayaking and canoeing are all in close proximity to the home and assist in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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