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The Story of Domus Alba


The project is the architect’s own home.  The philosophy and story behind the creation of this multigenerational family home is rooted in the values and determination of its owners/ architect couple to pursue a better way to design and build a home in South Florida. The challenge was to create an engaging architecture, amply satisfying all human needs, and weaving that into stellar sustainability accomplishments.


The home is believed to be the first in South Florida of this size to achieve LEED certification (the home overcame a LEED size penalty reduction of 16.5 points).


The certified HERS rating of 33 and an annual energy consumption of $0.30 per s.f. surpass the AIA 2030 Commitment of reducing energy consumption by 60%.  Passive tropical design strategies include cross-ventilation cooling and a building envelope designed significantly in excess of coastal wind codes.  Active energy conservation measures include a solar trellis, climate control zones which respond to functional activity, home automation, cool roofs, and eco-friendly products. Close attention was paid to consistent use of materials. Architectural details were designed for elegance and simplicity, and to minimize dust and promote clean air quality. Biophilic design principals for human connection to natural environments were adopted as were WELL BUILDING standards across all categories.


Four key objectives are accomplished with the design: Optimum Configuration; Safety/Resilience; Sustainability; and Healthy Living.

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