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Strengthened Shell

The entire shell of the home is a 100% conrete structure including the roof. The exterior shell of the home is entirely constructed of 8”-12” concrete and concrete block.  In the event of a natural disaster, the structure, designed for wind speeds over 180 mph, acts as a monolithic element in-conjunction with the roof built from precast concrete joists.



An exterior finish layer, the heavy duty limestone cladding does not need to be painted, is highly resistant to salt and is easily cleaned.  The finish is also used in the high traffic areas on the inside of the home.


Solar Hot Water Railing

GLE Solar evacuation tubes, and hot water panels heat 100% of water for the home, are mounted on the Nature Observation Platform, where they collect sun throughout the day from varying solar angles due to the round shape of the tubes.  The system installed on the home is the first Florida Solar Energy Center, approved installation in Florida, and unlike standard solar hot water heaters, these panels can operate at any temperature. 


Strengthened Glazing

Exterior windows and doors frames are made of recycled aluminum by CGI Windows and Doors, who has “blast tested” the windows and doors for explosions, as well as wind speeds in excess of  category 5 hurricane requirements.  The insulated laminated safety glazing used throughout the home is ¾”- 1” thick (depending on the size of the panel) and is laminated with a Lo-E coating.


Photovoltaic Solar Trellis

A 9.88 kW photovoltaic “Solar Trellis” composed of 38-260w monocrystalline PV panels produces the majority of the home’s energy consumption. The photovoltaic solar modules are mounted on a clear glass back sheet to allow light to pass through the panel and into the pool area. 


Bamboo & Eco-Friendly Products

All cabinets and built-in casework are constructed out of bamboo, which regenerates 3-5 times faster than any wood species, allowing bamboo to have a lower environmental impact.  All the paints use zero volatile organic compounds.  The electronic fireplace provides the feel of a true log fireplace, but avoids the issues of a standard wood or gas fireplace.

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